Hurricane Audrey 1967 Goldband Records

The Scene Today in Cajun Music 1968 Goldband Records 

Cajun Valentino 1969 Goldband Records

Right Next Door to Texas 1969 Goldband Records

The Cajun Troubadour 1969 Goldband Records

Cajun Life 1979 Rounder Records

Come On Joe 1987

Have a Little Faith 1990 RCA Records

Tears of Joy 1991 Capitol Records

Hello Happiness Again 1992 Liberty Records

Complete Mercury Sessions 1992 Mercury Records

Cajun Roots 1994 Rounder Records

Cajun Kids 1995 Little Morganville Records

Cajun Youngblood 1996 Ace Records

Cookin Cajun 1996 KTEL Records 

Live in Canada 1996 Stoney Plains Records

Cajun Pride 1997 Rounder Records

Here to Stay 1998 Intersound Records

Cajun Blood 2000 Musique de' Jo-EL Records

Cajun Memories 2001 Greenhill Music Records

Cajun Tradition 2001 Greenhill Music Records

Yesterday's with Jo-EL Sonnier 2002 Ace Records

The L.A. Sessions 2002 Musique De Jo-EL

Cajun Christmas 2002 GreenHIll Music

Cajun Hymns 2003 Greenhill Music Records

Cajun Mardi Gras 2005 Greenhill Music Records

The Real Deal 2008 Musique de' Jo-EL Records

Where's That Music Coming From 2010 Mustache Records

The Legacy 2013 Takau Records

Song by Song Musique de' Jo-EL Records