Help me to complete my latest recording project!

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This is a very special project for us all and we need a little extra help to get it finished and released. This cd will be released completely independent, without the help of any record label and it is a very costly procedure. The rewards to the backers are very generous so please check it out and you be the judge. If you think it’s a good deal to get behind, please share it with your friends on facebook so we can get the word out. We only have 21 days to get fully funded so time is of the essence. Thanks for taking the time to look at it even if you don’t choose to become a backer. Please click the link, below.


Heading to NOLA…

About to head out to New Orleans to go in the studio tomorrow and start cutting new tracks. Can’t wait, got a bunch of great New Orleans players and we are gonna rock the studio. I’ll try to post shots from the studio as we have a chance to but we will be busy tryin’ to cut the whole thing in just a few days. Wish me luck and in a few months you will be able to hear the results. Got a house sitter so we won’t have to worry about Annie or the garden while we are gone. Have a blessed day!

Writing and recording new songs…

Next week one of my favorite Nashville songwriter buddies is flyin’ in to meet me in New Orleans for the recordin’ session and then he’s comin’ back home with us for 12 days to write some new songs with me. I’m a lucky man to have the opportunity to have so much time to write with such a great writer. I’m pretty sure he will be inspired with all the beauty around him here in south west Louisiana.

Under Construction

Jo-El’s website is currently under construction. In the coming weeks, you will see an improved website with tour dates and interactive social media. Please keep checking back, and we will be sure to share the site when it is complete.